Vegan Thanksgiving

I count myself one of the lucky, every Thanksgiving for the past few years has been vegan. No more worries over how I should react when the body came out. No more gag reflex responses every time someone mentioned how tasty that body was.

Sadly, this is not true for most people. I can't offer any advice, either. I was not a graceful vegan in the presence of a dead turkey on the Thanksgiving table. My strong sentiment is that, this one day a year, everyone could show a real ounce of gratitude and compassion by not killing any animal. Which ise fine to think, but I often accompanied these thoughts with, you know, actual words and stuff. Grumpy vegans are no fun. But hey, neither is watching a once-beautiful bird's body get stuffed into people's faces.

I've compiled a list of links to various recipes that might prove useful for next week's holiday. FARM has a nice little guide to the holidays for both you veggie loving fiends and those of the omnivorous persuasion.

There are a lot of alternatives to an actual turkey. You can purchase them commercially or make them yourself. These are all turkey approved, by the way. They'd eat these roasts up like they were going out of style.

Obviously this isn't a complete menu for your holidays. I hope your Thanksgiving is cruelty-free and full of awesomeness!

Tofurky - Not all vegans like this stuff, to which I say PIFFLE! You can buy the roast or a complete meal (sorta) with dumplings, gravy, stuffing and a wishstix (going all crazy with the funny spellings again). Tofurky gravy is the best commercial gravy. Ever. That's just a fact, and you may try to dispute it, but you cannot with me as your audience.
Celebration Roast - Get your salty-celebration on with this tasty roasty grainy goodness.
Gardein Veggie Turkey with stuffing - I haven't had this stuff yet, but I'm all over Gardein products like vultures on carrion!! That's a gross analogy, but vultures really like their carrion and I really like Gardein products, but I'm decidedly more classy when I'm eating their products. Not that vultures aren't classy.  The only reason I bring up vultures is because I read an article about vultures taking over a town and residents afraid these nonviolent birds were going to EAT THEIR CHILDREN. They are turkey vultures, and we're talking turkeys and such here. There's my logic.
Make your own Tofu Turkey Roast - there's like five million comments to assist or distract. I've never made this, because I'm all for other people making my food. Just kidding about that.
Cider marinated tofu turkey (OH MY GOSH IT IS CUTE, LOOK AT IT NOW!)
Celebration Pot pie

Green bean mushroom casserole
Roasted butternut squash
Spiced cranberry sauce
Homemade vegan stuffing
Roasted garlic mashed potatoes
Mashed sweet potatoes with coconut milk

You could totally be as awesome as Owen here with his whole head in a giant 60 pound pumpkin. Or you could be lame and make a dignified pie or something. Whatever makes you happy, right?

Pumpkin Pie
Pumpkin Pie bites
Autumn pumpkin spice cookies
Frangipane Pear Crostata
Chocolate cheesecake
Cranberry Walnut Tart