Animal Place coordinates rescue

It started with an e-mail. A shelter in California needed help with a cruelty case. Twenty-five ducks, eighteen rabbits, thirty geese, three turkeys and three pigeons were in desperate need of help.

The ducks were confined in a small, wire enclosure - no room to flap their wings and no water source. The property was littered with debris, clearly unsafe for the free-roaming geese and turkeys. A wire cage housed 18 un-neutered rabbits. It was not a happy place.

Animal Place could not take all the animals. So, we sent out an e-mail to our volunteer list asking for help in placing the animals. Our plea was answered, homes were found for all the animals...and a few remained here at the sanctuary.

Imagine for one second how different this story would be had we felt nothing could be done, we couldn't take all the animals, so why bother? But we knew one thing: People care and people care enough to help. We are so thankful to all the volunteers, the shelters and everyone who helped. We couldn't have done it without you!