One more reason to go vegan

It’s hard to fathom but estimates now put the total number of sea animals killed in the US annually at 34.6 billion. Over-fishing has depleted our ocean’s biodiversity and increased pollution.

Fish kills were calculated by taking the weight of commercial landings from Fisheries of the United States (U.S. Department of Commerce), obtaining average weight of each species, and then calculating the estimated number of individuals slaughtered. The initial numbers exclude discards – individual animals caught, then released back into the water. Over 40% of discarded animals die, including turtles, dolphins and other marine animals.

Fish experience pain and can suffer – this is scientific fact. Commercial fishing increases the spread of disease to wild populations, and it harms other species, like seals and sea birds who are mercilessly killed for trying to eat the farmed fish.

Do the oceans a favor – skip the fish and go veggie!