Bakersfield, CA- Man tortures snake for tv audition

Disturbing news story from Bakersfield - during an audition for CBS' Survivor, a man bit into a live snake, peeled the skin and ate the animal alive. News source

According to a brief news report, charges may not be filed because of "convoluted" laws surrounding reptiles, particularly venomous ones.

This is not acceptable - the brutal, prolonged killing of any animal, especially in this case's context (as a television show audition) should not be left unpunished. Evidence in the psychological and human behavioral fields establish a clear connection between aberrant behavior towards animals, like animal cruelty, and dangerous & deadly behavior towards humans.

Please contact the District Attorney's Office and ask them to file charges against Brent Scheibel.

Contact Information:

Chief Deputy District Attorney J. Michael Saleen
Phone: 661-868-2340
Mail: 1215 Truxton Ave; 4th Floor; Bakersfield, CA 93301

Copy correspondence to: Elsa Martinez, Administrative Services Officer

Police Department: