Going Veg Saves Money...and your health

An interesting MSN Money Market article discusses the cost-effectiveness of a vegetarian or vegan diet.

Basics are easy on the wallet: Animal proteins are generally more expensive than plant proteins.

Fresh, canned, frozen or organic: Buying local is generally cheaper than purchasing out of season fruits and vegetables. Seasonal fruits and vegetables are often less expensive too. Organic produce, while more available, is often pricier. Check out your local farmers markets for more affordable, in-season produce.

A payoff in better health: Overall, the health care costs for a vegetarian or vegan are much lower than for non-vegetarians. Less chronic disease, better heart health and a lower risk of certain cancers are all benefits of a vegan diet.

It's good for insurers: Health insurance agencies are promoting lifestyle changes to try and offset the costs associated with heart disease. A plant-based diet improves key health indicators (blood pressure, cholesterial, body mass index & blood sugar).

MSN Money Market Article

Nervous about what to cook on a vegan diet? Check out these awesome cook books for some great recipes! This is by no means a complete list, but it should help you get started!

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