Animal Place in the news!

A wonderful feature on Animal Place's Marji Beach, Program Coordinator, has run in two local papers. The article includes information about the sanctuary, our informative Animal Activist Training Class (next one in September) and how Marji became part of the Animal Place team. We hope you enjoy the article and take an opportunity to e-mail Ian Thompson, the reporter, with a nice thank-you note.

From the article:
The activism workshop started as an animal awareness workshop, where “we were telling them about all the horrible things, but we were not telling them anything to do about it,” Beach said.
The classes and orientations include a tour of the small farm and an introduction to the animals that have found their way to The Animal Place from Vacaville area ranches and factory farms in Louisiana.
Now, Beach lays out all the legal means activists can do.
“People want to help animals; they just don't know what they can do,” Beach said. “We want to give people things that they can do.”
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Anonymous said...

M. Beach has hit on the right key to instill support from public/consumers, in offering practical suggestions as to actual acts that can be taken to bring relief, or at best, change our abusive system of animal production for food, and brutal slaughter. Thanks for your good work, I hope many others will use their freedom of choice at the grocery stores, and speak up for the suffering of animals.